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Does Red Robin hedging grow from cuttings, please?

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Glad someone asked this question I have started to propagate some myself .Hope the following will help.

Photinia's like Red Robin grows in fertile, moist, well-drained soil in sun or partial shade, but the young shoots can become scorched if grown in an exposed position. Photinia grows in most soils, even clay as long as it has been improved by incorporating well-rotted compost or manure. Most species will tolerate either acid or alkaline conditions, but P. beauverdiana and P. villosa are not happy in a chalky soil, needing neutral to acid soil conditions . Photinia × fraseri ‘Red Robin’ can grow up to 30cm (12in) a year, so keep it under control by shortening stems up to 15cm (6in), cutting just above an outward-facing bud. The best method for propagating photinia cultivars, like Red Robin , is by softwood cuttings in early summer or semi-ripe cuttings in summer and autumn.

For how to take a soft wood cutting check out the following link .

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